Global Event Makers

Global Event Makers is the brainchild of Vishal Misal. The company has risen to achieve new heights of fame over the past few years with a number of high profile events. The company is part of his plan to create a platform in the United Kingdom for businesses all over the world to meet, discuss and exchange ideas.Vishal Misal believes that entrepreneurs are like artists and they are driven by the need to create something. From creating his first event ‘Riding the Recession’, where students were given pointers on being employable in a downturn to ‘Innovation, Leadership, Sales and Growth (ILSG 2010 ) which featured American sales guru, Brain Tracy and British Entrepreneur, Karren Brady, which brought him the nomination for British Business Awards Association’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Global Event Makers has come a long way. Today, it is on its way to being a pioneer in business and entrepreneurship in the UK.