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More than 31 million graduates in our country are without job, majority being fresher graduates, reports Centre For Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).,

Massive unemployment is not just because of lack of job creations.

Why do you have to take up that call center job, while you wish to work in your favorite field of Engineering ?

Why end up as an office assistant, while you are damn good at marketing ?

Why settle when you can work in your chosen field ?

You are trained in some other skills while in college, where the actual skills you need in the workplace is totally different.

But how come a fresher gain this without getting into an actual job scenario ?

Blaming the government or the education system won’t get you survived in the competitive job market.

For every job you apply, there are 1000’s of other candidates competing for the same.

Candidates with higher skills and experience bang the job.

So what about you – the fresher with no experience ?

Going through multiple job ads, applying for numerous jobs a day, you still end up in the vicious circle of the unemployed. You wonder why.

Staying jobless for a long time crush you as a whole.,

You may even try for getting into jobs in Dubai or UAE, but all in vain due to lack of experience.,

They say it’s better to take up any job that comes your way. Far better than staying jobless, isn’t ?

It’s high time to burst the job myth bubble and get into real action – Get hands-on skills & experience along with 100% job guaranteed in your preferred field.,

All you have to do is JOIN GCP.

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GCP is a Commercial Internship Program that gets you hands-on experience and skill training in your chosen field of career, with 100% job guarantee. You need zero experience to join GCP.

Unlike any other internship programs, GCP is not into offering any random job training.

GCP offers focused job-oriented skills & knowledge training in your chosen field with on-site job experience. Learn from the world-class mentors by working in 2 competitive global countries – India & UAE.

You can wave goodbye to those drooping days of applying random job ads and countless interviews that earn you no good.

With GCP, you can land your dream job with attractive salary right after your graduation.

If you’re someone looking for job openings in Dubai or vacancies in UAE, GCP is the right platform to launch your career abroad as a fresher.



Say goodbye to applying random job ads & waiting endlessly to land your dream job. Kick start your career in your chosen field right after your graduation. Zero experience needed !


You choose & we facilitate your dream with all resources to work in UAE. Enhance your CV by working in 2 competitive markets (India and UAE). Stay ahead of your competition learning cross-cultural communication skills and global experience.


Guaranteed job placement in your chosen field in UAE or India. No broken promises and delays !


You gain exposure to different working styles in India and abroad. Get out of your comfort zone, working in emerging markets and gain great job opportunities.


Meet new people, make new friends & learn different cultures and languages. GCP helps progress your career with wide opportunity to network with industry giants and people who can help you build your career.


Excellent interview support and training with a minimum of 10 interviews are arranged in UAE. No worries even if you can’t crack it in the 10 chances. Guaranteed job is offered back in India with attractive salary package.


Deepen your subject knowledge and learn from the experts in your industry. Working alongside the professional specialists helps you gain maximized knowledge and skills in your field.


You are rewarded with globally recognized experience certificate to fuel your future endeavors, apart from the job placement and attractive salary package.


Be the top performer in your chosen field by learning latest skills and knowledge from the industry experts. Challenging work environment with the updated skills brings out the best in you.


You are our responsibility and we will never let you down. GCP offers higher standard of work environment of advanced features for interns with prime focus on employee safety.


Learn high-end communication skills, time management, organizational and leadership skills alongside professional methods to increase creativity, productivity, relationship building, interpersonal & presentation skills from the top industry experts. GCP molds you as a star performer !


Get regular updates about your work performance and receive expert feedback from your industry mentors. GCP integrates Trainee Track Software and mobile services for your real-time performance review.

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GCP as an excellent internship program in Ahmadabad follows a systematic approach of 3 stages and an additional backup stage which converts you from a novice to expert in your chosen field of career. Your GCP starts with training and ends with rewarding you the dream job with good salary package abroad.

STAGE 1 – FOUNDATION (3months)


Your GCP starts with 3 months foundation program where you’ll be given all essential training& skills to mold you for any competitive job market in the world.

  • Work in India for first 3 months & Earn a monthly stipend
  • Learn essential job skills & knowledge of your preferred field
  • Get hands-on training from industry experts & world class mentors
  • Work in a safe & advanced job environment
  • Learn soft skills, hard skills, interview skills and resume preparation



Last 15 days of foundation stage familiarizes you with foreign work culture and essential parameters you need to live & work in UAE. You’ll also learn how to crack job in your chosen field in UAE.

  • Learn all vital skills to work in UAE
  • Familiarize with UAE work culture, basic rules, remuneration system, modes of transportation, lifestyle & cultural background
  • Learn how to get the job abroad in your chosen field

STAGE 3 – LAUNCHPAD (3 Months)


You’re transposed to UAE in this stage, with given assignments on special tasks. Launchpad stage equips you with updated knowledge & skills to work in UAE. When arrived, we will facilitate a minimum of 10 interviews for you in your chosen field. Once you earn job in this stage, congrats, your Global Career Program (GCP) ends here.

  • Live 3 months in UAE for job purpose
  • Attend minimum of 10 interviews in your chosen field of career
  • Land job in UAE with an attractive salary package
  • Get the opportunity for global networking & Gain valuable contacts

STAGE 4 – BACKUP (LAST 6 Months)


What if you couldn’t land the job in UAE in the Launchpad stage ?
No worries. We’ll bring you back to India, placing you in job of your chosen field with a minimum salary of Rs.15,000/month or above. GCP offers 100% job guarantee no matter what. We’ll award you globally recognized experience certificate once you complete GCP.

  • 100% job guarantee
  • Backup option to work in India with the minimum salary of Rs.15,000/month or above
  • Get globally recognized experience certificate for your future career progress


Get global experience certificate upon completion of GCP. Scale up your career and gain higher job roles with a more enhanced resume. Work experience certificate showcasing your expertise in 2 world class job competitive markets like UAE & India, makes you highly competitive and desirable for employers in your chosen career.


Minimum of 10 interviews are arranged for you to avail job in UAE. World class training program of GCP equips every candidate with skills and knowledge to succeed any job interview. No worries, even if you can’t crack it. GCP ensures guaranteed job placement back in India with a minimum salary of Rs 15,000/month or above.


Receive a monthly stipend from the beginning of GCP, so that you don’t have to find extra income to support you throughout the intern program. Next phase entitles you with job in your preferred field with an attractive salary. You earn in all levels even from the very beginning. Zero dependency on your parent’s income !

who is eligible for GCP?

If you are willing to learn and grow, if you are a serious aspirant who would like to launch a successful career, we would like to have you onboard. You are eligible for GCP if

  • You are a fresher or graduate or postgraduate
  • Desire to work abroad
  • Willing to learn latest skills of your chosen field
  • Ready to learn from world class mentors
  • Aspired to learn & grow
  • Can work in 2 globally competitive markets – India & Abroad

fees for GCP

GCP as an international internship program offers competitive fee which is atleast 60% lower than the expenses you’ll pay for finding a job in UAE by yourself. GCP saves your hard earned money compared to any other job training & placement programs in India and abroad.Fees you pay for GCP as the paid internship program covers all your major expenses that includes your

  • Training
  • Visa charges
  • Flight expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Interview support
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What is Global Career Program (GCP )?

GCP is a 1-year Commercial Internship Program that trains you with essential skills and knowledge for landing your dream job of your chosen field in UAE. You will be imparted with all essentials skills & knowledge you need in competitive job markets. Once trained, you will be placed in UAE with attractive salary package.

Is GCP recognized ?

Yes, GCP is officially recognized and abides all underlying rules in India & UAE. We guarantee safe & advanced workplace environment for each candidate enrolled for GCP.

What is the program duration ?

Total duration of GCP is 1 year, which includes 3 months of foundation phase, 15 days of orientation phase and 3 months abroad (UAE) for getting your dream job. If you are placed in this 6 months’ time period, your GCP ends there. Else you will be brought back to India and placed in a job of your preferred field within the last 6 months.

Will you provide accommodation ?

Yes, we provide you complete accommodation for 3 months while you are in UAE. No separate amount is charged for your accommodation.

What is the fee payment schedule ?

Fee payment schedule and other details will be given to you before the commencement of the program. Fee has to be paid in 3 installments within the first 3 months of GCP.

Can I pay the fees online ?

Yes, you can pay the fee online here. We provide all major payment facilities like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Paytm etc.

What is the Eligibility criteria ?

You are eligible for GCP, if you are a graduate or post-graduate.

I have not completed my graduation. Can I still apply ?

Yes, you can apply for GCP, students’ internship in Gujarat, even if you are in your final year graduation, provided, GCP is not like other internship programs where you get short-term internship to showcase in your degree program. We encourage only those serious candidates who genuinely wish to grab quality job offer in UAE.

Is job guaranteed in this program ?

Yes, we promise 100% job guarantee. You will be facilitated a minimum of 10 job interviews for your preferred field in UAE. In case, if you can’t crack the opportunity in UAE even within the available chances, you will be brought back to India and placed here with a minimum salary of Rs.15,000/month or above.

What is the admission procedure ?

Once you fill up the enrollment form, one of our Esperanzamas officials will contact you. You’ll be given all program details and our representative will assist you in completing admission procedures with ease.

Can I apply online ?

Yes, you can apply online by creating account here.

When can I get placed in job ?

You can get placed in job of your chosen field in UAE within the first 6 months of GCP. If not, you will be brought back to India for job with an attractive salary package.

Will I get experience certificate ?

Yes, you are rewarded with a globally recognized experience certificate once you complete GCP. If you are someone looking for job in Dubai, GCP is the right platform for you. You can add this to your resume using it for all your future job endeavors.

I have some back papers in my graduation. Am I still eligible ?

Yes, you are eligible for GCP even if you have back papers left in your graduation, although some jobs may strictly ask for graduation certificate. It depends on the field you are applying. Our career counselor will help you with the needed information.

Do I need previous job experience ?

Absolutely no! You are eligible for GCP even if you are a fresher just out of the college with zero work experience. Be it marketing jobs in Dubai, engineering jobs in Dubai or UAE or Abu Dhabi, we will make you land in the job of your preferred field.


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