The prime question ...How do begin with investment

One of the most basic questions is how to begin with investing and what financial product to invest in. You can make the analysis of financial assets as the first step. The next step would be to decide the amount of money that you wish for investing. And it is also important to understand the financial goal for which you are investing.

There could be a host of reasons why an individual wants to invest money. It could be for meeting his financial needs post-retirement or to meet the education expenses of his/her children.

In any case, identifying the aim of the investment is one of the most crucial steps since this will give you a fair idea about the investment tool to go for.

The aim of the investment will also chalk out other relevant details like the timeline of investment, the quantum of investment and the type of financial product to zero down on.

There are low risk as well as high-risk financial tools in the market but experts suggest that young people should opt for high-return high-risk products while older people or those nearing their retirement should go for something that is low on risk and offers low to moderate returns.

Types of Investment

In the financial industry, the two concepts that form the basis of the transactional activities are savings and the other is investments.We can help you with ample financial yield through interest earnings, dividend, capital appreciation.You might be knowing that investments are differentiated on the basis of their nature of transactions based on the aim of the money spent.Money spent on making investments is the prime aim of obtaining stipulated return on the basis of their specific period of time.

Investments are of two types -



We can help you with proper guidelines regarding the two.

Traditional Investments

Investment in financial products falls into the category of traditional investments like ;



Small saving schemes

Mutual Funds

Fixed Deposits

Real Estate


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